Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lovin' on Lambie Part 2

I think I need to get a second lambie for Wesley. He always clings to it while he is trying to put himself to sleep. But, once he falls asleep, there is no telling where it will end up. These were taken September 11, 2008. Five and a half months old.

Movin’ On Up

Our actual move date was just after Labor Day. We are a little more settled in today, but I took some pictures of the chaos, the house, and our mini celebration. Bryce and Carmen were very happy to see us move out. Our stuff was first to come into the house since it was pilled high in Bryce’s garage for a month. Over the past few weeks we moved most of mom and dad’s stuff from their storage unit (which is located over an hour away almost to Dallas, but a stones throw from Six Flags). There are still a few minor adjustments needed, but overall I think they are very happy with the house.
Sod for the puppies
Mom's modern electric stove.

Wesley at five months.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lovin’ on Lambie

Oh my, it has been way too long since I have updated everyone on the ongoings of Wesley and the rest of the family. But, to my defense, we were without internet for a good portion of the absence. We have all, parents included, successfully moved into the new house minus a few (dozen) boxes of books and sentimental crap. I have documented a few of the events from the past month and will be posting hopefully everyday to catch up, but for some of moments I was not able to grab my camera in time.

For example, on the first night we were all in the house, at around 4:00 am the fire alarm decided it wanted to go off. I grabbed Wesley and we, Larry included, made it outside smelling no smoke along the way. After what seemed like a minute without any sign of my parents, Larry went back inside to find them. They were sniffing around upstairs trying to figure out what caused the alarm to go off. The next morning we decided that the coffee pot was left on from testing it the night before and dismissed the alarm. However, a few days later around 10:00 am the alarms sounded again, but this time only for about 20 seconds then shut off. We decided that something was wrong with the fire alarms and called the electricians to take a look. Unlucky for them, the day they decided to check the alarms, it was pouring rain. As they pulled their van into the driveway they missed the cement and their back wheel was stuck in the culvert. Oh my – I laughed. Long story short, too late (ha ha, Clue quote). They determined that all of the alarms were working and the next time it happens to try and figure out which alarm goes off first. It has been weeks and luckily no fire alarms. So, the point of the whole story was that I did not grab my camera and take a picture of the van stuck in our ditch. The tires spun mud everywhere, they tried pieces of wood for leverage, but nothing worked. To their rescue, a big truck (not hard to find in Texas) came down our rural street and was able to tow them out of the culvert.

I will, however, leave you with a cute picture of Wesley sleeping with his Lambie. This was taken on 20 August 2008 when he was almost five months old.