Monday, February 27, 2012

Our First Rodeo

Our First Rodeo! 

While a specific little boy (won't name anyone in particular) is going through a cowboy phase, Grandpa Northrup had the idea to go to the Rodeo at the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. Great fun was had by all at this wonderful event. Now we can say we have experienced something extremely Texan! Sorry for the blurry images.  The action was fast (try and ride a bull for 8 seconds in which 15-20% did)


Cassie enjoyed the action and cheered on the cow girls.

Rodeo clown and his friend were there to make sure the competitors were safe and the bulls go back to their stalls.

Oh no!!

Bull vs. dummy...I guess you see who won.

Who wants a piece???

Bull facing off against the clown as the crowd goes wild.  Who will survive this battle between man and beast?

Successful dodge behind a barrel...

Ever see a bull catch some air?  White bull can jump

This bull did not like this sponsor's sign so he decided to remove it.

Tex with his grandfather!

During the evening there was a chance for older kids to try to take a ribbon off of a calf's tail.  Kaleb (circled) was brave enough to attempt this dangerous feat.

Run Kaleb run, get that ribbon!!!

Mary's picture taking abilities are so good-she got a picture of Kaleb running into someone and the girl who was able to get the ribbon.

 Then Wes had a turn at getting a ribbon off of a man eating lamb!    

Wes getting prepared for battle with the lamb.

They are off!!

He didn't get the ribbon, but he did get to rock his cowboy boots!

We leave you with this last picture of the team roping.  Overall the evening was awesome!   

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Here she comes....

Here she comes....Yes, Cassie has been taking a few steps here and there and is becoming pretty mobile.  One of the things she likes to do is race Wes on her go go.
See Cassie...

See Wesley push Cassie...

See Cassie go..

See Cassie pose..
See Wesley pose

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

A day late, but the internet has been out. Here are some shots from Wesley's Party at school and riding the rocking horse.

Coming in August.