Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cassie's First Birthday Party

Large Puff balls hung from the ceiling made from tissue paper.
Crape Paper Rose Topiary...warning this is a lot of work!
Cake Balls made into Minnie Mouse heads with bows.  Again, lots of work, but so worth the time. The ears are mini Oreos; thank you Wesley for disposing of the center cream.   Inspired from this book:

Sun dried Tomato Dip.  Thank you Pampered Chef for this heavenly recipe.

Cassie was not a happy girl before her party.  She missed her afternoon nap.

I know 15 years from now if Cassie found out I make these and didn't make her one she would be disappointed. 
Yummm,  Homemade Carmel Corn
Mouse Ear Party Favors, love them.  I made a few changes, but essentially followed these directions.
Kudos to mom for making the cute little bows on top.
Birthday Girl!
Yes,  her skirt matches the high chair cover.  No link for this one, these skirts are just too simple to make.

It is hard to see, but we used a pancake cookie cutter the shape of a Mickey for Cassie's cake.
But we only gave her an ear.

20 minutes later. 

The guests, Kaleb, Kylee, Peyton, Hayley, and Michael.

and Wesley too.

Present opening.  That is a Cabbage Patch Purple cute!

Happy Birthday Cassie!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Merry Christmas and Tamales

 Christmas morning present opening.   Not too many pictures since half of us were sick with the flu. 

We made around 144 beef and pork tamales thanks to Lupe and her daughter Sarah's help.  Good thing we have a large freezer!