Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Disney 2014 - Destin Beach

I'm procrastinating scanning fabric squares for my new website  Bad for me, but great for you.  Here is the first installment of our Disney vacation.   Technically this is day 2 of driving.  There wasn't much going on from Fort Worth to Jackson MS.
It occurred to me that the kids have never seen the ocean or a beach.  I would feel bad for never taking them to the closest beach, then again, I've heard Galveston, TX is not a real beach.  So I don't feel too bad.  
We decided to take a detour and drive to Destin since we were already in Pensacola and so very close.  Now, the weather was slightly drizzling and a tad bit cold, but it was still white sands and a big ocean view.   To this day, I still can't convince Cassie that the sand was sand and not snow.  Sand is brownish grey and kind of rocky- at least that is what it is in the big box in our back yard.
It wasn't the true beach seen, with umbrellas, crowded people wearing too tight of bathing suits that they probably shouldn't, and hot hot sand. It was the opposite - not a person in sight.  But it was a real beach! And, why is Marcus in very few of the pictures?  He hated the ocean water.
Oh, and second self plug - I made Cassie's jacket.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Rainbow Kids Christmas Party and Program

So the videos are not loading right now so I will have to update this post another day.    But as soon as you see the videos, Disney pictures will be next.  :) 

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Halloween!

Here are a few pictures from the party at Rainbow Kids.  Wesley surprised Ms. Marla by showing up for the festivities.  On Halloween night we crashed the Lutes and Cross' neighborhood and went trick or treating.  We did bring our own candy to hand out. 

First Day of School August and September

Going Back in Time- Marcus' Birthday

Happy Birthday Marcus - back in July. This is one step closer to Disney pictures people. I have to do this in order.  This is our home party on his birthday and then a family party at Nana's house.