Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Vacation and More

Grandma, Grandpa, Wesley, Cassie and I drove to AZ for Anne's wedding.  Larry flew in for the weekend. We had a wonderful time and a wonderful visit with family and friends.  Wes got to swim in the hotel pools at least 7 times.  Anne's wedding was beautiful (especially if you like short services, which I do) and she had lots of yummy cake.  I think the carrot cake was the best!  Who would have thought, carrots in a cake?  It's the cream cheese frosting!  Also, Wesley got his special dance with the bride, which he was looking forward to.  And yay for a third use of the Tux!

Anyway, the next weekend was Peach Festival.  The temp was supposed to be 94 degrees, but I think it was over 100 in the middle of the street.  There was a little humidity but the wind was blowing nicely ever so often so it wasn't as unbearable as last year.  But then again I was sitting most of the day under a fan taking money.  We made over what we did last year, so overall a success and worth the heat.

3 days later.  Still healing
On Monday evening Wes's hand got caught in the back door because of an indoor draft when the the front door was opened.  We had a spontaneous trip to the ER and three bruised fingers.  He did very well at the hospital and got to see his bones from the X ray.  He is still recovering. 

As for today, I have another sonogram at the hospital to check for fluid levels.  Here is hoping to at least 5 cm of fluid and another couple of days.  If not, then baby will be making an early appearance.  Hence the need to update the blog and purge the pictures off the camera. UPDATE:  I had 8 cm!  The Dr. called and said we will check again on Tuesday if it is low then baby will come on Wednesday (25th) or on Monday (30th).  Looks like a July baby, sorry Leah.