Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wesley's Limo Ride to McDonalds

What happens when your dad works with a bunch of people who have kids that are out of school and grandparents that always order something. Lots of unexpected fund raiser orders! Wesley had just enough orders to go on a Hummer Limo ride to lunch at McDonald's.  As a side note, today was western day at school.  These country kids do not always dress in their western finest.  Usually you will see a superhero t-shirt! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kindergarten Music Program

Wesley had his first music program concert at Springtown Elementary this past week.  I was expecting it to be pretty good from all of the wonderful things I had heard about the music teacher at the school.  She met and exceeded my expectations for a little kindergarten program.  Love the last two songs where the kids got to run around and just have fun.  You can tell they enjoyed it.

Here are some pictures and videos: 

 In case you missed the facebook post.  Wesley cut Cassie's hair and just a tiny bit of her ear!  She has fully recovered, but her hair is another story.  I did the best I could to even it out. 

If you click on the title of the video:  SES Kinder Oct 2013...  it will take you to Youtube where the quality in full screen mode is much better.  All of these videos are unlisted which means you will not be able to find them by searching on Youtube, you have to have the link to view them. 

Christmas in Cowtown and Random Kid Pictures

So a little over a month since my last post isn't too bad considering we had an awesome craft fair to prep for.  The Junior League of Fort Worth had their Christmas in Cowtown gift market fund raiser the first weekend in October.  We had a great booth location and did very well.  I hope to be selected again next year. And, I need to do a shout out to my Aunt Anne!   Thank you so much for watching the kids during the 4 day event. Here are a few pictures of our booth. 

Thank you for sitting through my awesome booth pictures - here is what you are really interested in.  The Kids.   Wesley was being extra nice this day.  You can tell in Cassie and Marcus's faces.