Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things that make me happy

Things that made me happy this week:

1. A new iron. The crisp clean iron not yet gunked up by sticky spray and starch. It is no wonder Larry doesn't let me use his dress shirt iron for our crafting. Yes, we have more than one iron.2. Wesley's speedy recovery from his surgery on Tuesday. The kid was running around that night and went to preschool the next day. He is now out playing catch with Uncle Bryce, Kaleb, Grandpa and Daddy.

3. My new netbook. I'm finally able to update the blog and work on my Etsy stuff downstairs! Since this is a netbook and not a laptop, hopefully I will not kill it like I do laptops, as Larry likes to call me, "Laptop Slayer"

4. Cassie's new legwarmers! So stinking cute! I can't wait for her to actually fit them. Right now they are too big, but I couldn't resist.

5. A successful craft fair and being able to hand all the cash received to my secret sewing help, my mom, for all the hard work she does. Thank you mom!

6. Cassie sleeping 6 and a half hours at night for the past three nights!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello March

Happy 2 months Cassie!

She is all of 8.1 pounds and 21 inches long. She coos, smiles, bats at toys and tracks things with her eyes.

Do I really want to wake her, change her, and take her picture?

Hello March Maddness. This is the duke patch Larry bought. I promised to sew it to a onesie, but to make it more girly I added the ruffles without telling him. :)