Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

It is true. Your life does change when you have a child, but nevertheless, it is good to remember those special days preWesley. Earlier today I was trying to remember a special story about Larry's and mine wedding day, but there were too many memories running through my head, so instead I thought I would share one of my favorite pictures from that hot June day. So here it is folks, Larry, Jimmy and me walking back to Hood College Chapel after our extensive outside picture time. I am also going to use this photo to end my wedding scrapbook, of which I can say after four years it is almost finished!

Feel free to comment on your favorite story from this special day four years ago.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This One’s for Leah

I have read a few magazine articles about babies and television. Most advise against it, yet something like 50-75% of babies watch TV regularly before they are two years old (don’t quote me on that).

Oh well…

By the way, he only lasted for about 10 minutes, then we moved on to another activity.

Bragging rights to the person who can name the movie before watching the video.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lazy Sunday

We usually leave Sunday afternoons for just hanging out and having a little fun.

This pose was just too funny so I thought I would take a picture and share. Yes, that is a Xbox 360 controller and Larry is playing a game while holding Wesley. For those of you who do not partake in the awesomeness that is video games, being able to hold a baby and play at the same time is true talent. But, it helps that Wesley, like any baby, loves to be held and Larry was just happy he was sitting quietly playing with his Freddie the Firefly.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Other Uses for Baby Items: The Scented Poo Bag

Pork Week continued.... Leftovers are inevitable, which is a good thing. The trick is turning the leftovers into a brand new meal. The other day Larry and I made pork fajitas with the left over pork ribs. But first, let me back up to trash day when Larry made the comment that the trashed smelled bad, not just your normal trash smell, but beyond. Granted, Larry doesn't take well to bad smells. This was because of the raw fat I trimmed off of the pork butt and the bones from the ribs we had. Back to the fajitas...So as I was trimming the pork ribs off of their bones including the excess fat it occurred to me that I have a solution to the bad smell that they would cause in the trash. I went to the baby's room and got one of the courtesy scented bags that they make to dispose of dirty diapers. I put the rib waste in the bag and presto no complaints of the trash smelling. I wonder what baby item I will find a second use for next.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pork Week

This week has been pork week. All together I think I cooked/froze 10 lbs of pork. Yesterday I made pork ribs in the oven and crockpotted (new word!) a pork butt. Larry and I ate the ribs for dinner, then spent about 10 minutes shredding the butt. Today we had bbq pork sandwiches - yummy. All I can say is the crockpot is a marvelous invention.

Side note: So the work "crockpot" was not recognized in spell check but crackpot was an option to replace it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't Drink the Water

Don't drink the water in Madison, MS. There are, at any given time, at least four pregnant woman at my church. Currently there are six, and the one that is due next is having twins! So I decided to make a diaper cake for her shower which is this Saturday. I'm not sure if I like the green thingies coming out of the flowers - what are your thoughts and opinions? I still have time to make changes. Oh, the twins are a boy and a girl.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Smiles and Cries

Last Wednesday Wesley had his 2 month check up which consisted of shots, lots and lots of shots. Nowadays, shots come in combos so the babies do not have to be pricked multiple times, but we were not so lucky. (I say “we” not because I received the shots too, but because I got to deal with a fussy baby which is just as bad if not worse then receiving shots.) So, they were supposed to have a combo pack, but the shipment of the new and improved shots were not in and they ran out of the old pack, so guess who got to receive his shots individually. But, we were given the option of having three now and coming back for two next week or getting all five. Not knowing any better, I opted for the three which took the nurse all of 20 seconds to give them – she was very fast and on the second shot before he started to wail. I should have gone with all five, but instead we have to go back tomorrow for two more shots.

A day and a half goes by with no problems, and then it starts. He cries a lot, he is hot, but doesn’t have a temperature, he can’t seem to get comfortable, he drools like crazy now, and tries to put anything in his mouth but hasn’t quite figured out how to fully grasp something and control it. So I think, maybe he is teething…already? I do some research on the internet and most sites say teething can start as early as 3 months but most start around 6 months, hummm, he is not three months yet, but all of the above are symptoms of teething. Anyway, I will ask the nurse tomorrow what she thinks. We bought the Orajel just incase.

Wesley Chewing. Featuring Freddie the Firefly.

But it is not constant, we have our happy moments too.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Highlights of Reunion Weekend

This is mostly for that parentals who do not have access to Facebook.

Larry, McKenna, and Wesley hanging out.

Flying baby. Waiting for dinner in Coblentz Hall. Look they painted the walls blue. Very pretty.

Leah and Wesley. No, she did not eat him.

Wesley and McKenna kicking it on the floor. Carter said later that night McKenna decided to lay on the changing pad just like Wesley.

Alumni Hall: Hope Opportunity Obligation Democracy columns.

I love this action shot.

Larry playing Wii.

Taryn and Wesley at the Giambarresi's.

Wesley pooping.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wesley's Diaper Change Translation

After visiting with friends during Reunion Weekend I found out that it is difficult to understand the dialogue in this video. Therefore, for my first blog attempt I will translate and give a little background for this video.

Background: First, Wesley makes a deposit in his diaper and Larry volunteers to change him. During the first couple of weeks changing a diaper can be fun to watch, however, I was tired and enjoying whatever was on TV therefore I did not help. And it is a good thing too, otherwise the following situation would never have taken place.

Larry successfully changes the diaper and places Wesley in his crib then makes his way to the bathroom. Then I notice him bent over the toilette, laughing. Now, Larry hates to throw up so I knew he was okay, besides, he would have shut the door. So I ask him what he is doing and I could not get a clear answer from all the laughing. Realizing that this is one of those moments that you must capture on video - I jumped up as fast as I could and grabbed the video camera.

Larry: I can't breath. Can you take my glasses off? You got this recorded?
Me: Yeah.
Larry: He kinda moved his feet.
Me: What happened?
Larry: He did have socks on, and he kept kicking them in the poo. And I didn't move his diaper fast enough. First it happened once, and I'm like ooh I can fix it and then his leg went plop. Ahhh, well.
Me: So, why did his socks end up in the toilette?
Larry: Trying to get the poo off. What?
Me: So you cleaned off the socks in the toilette?
Larry: Yes, Well I cleaned them off... Are you focusing in on the pooy socks?
Me: You are so bad.