Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween

This was going to be a great and exciting year for Halloween.  Each of the kids got a handmade piece for their costume.  With my craft fair at the beginning of October, there was plenty of time left in the month for designing and sewing costumes.  I had been searching for an Elvis costume, and thinking about how to make one, but that was not what Wesley had in mind.  Halloween is Wesley's favorite holiday.  I think we have watch every age appropriate Halloween show on Netflix - Twice!   No matter how much we wanted Wesley to be something cool like Elvis all he wanted was to be a ghost.  Like, throw a sheet over ET with two eye openings Ghost!  We had to change it up a little since I wanted him to be able to see better and take off his head piece without removing the whole costume.  Did it come out perfect - no, but he liked it and other kids knew he was a ghost.  One kid even said, "Hey, cool ghost costume."  Major score points for mom! 

Our house and street is pretty cool, but 1 acre lots spaced out is not ideal for trick or treating.  So we invited ourselves over to one of our church friend's houses in a real neighborhood - like club house and community pool neighborhood.  Those just do not exist in Springtown.  Everything was all lined up and looking great until, the horrible stomach virus that Wesley got from school the week before.  4 days people, 4 days of lying in bed sick.  It was not cool.  No matter how many times you tell your children to share, you have to yell at them during these times. NO SHARING - that means sippy cups and germs!  Of course, they did not listen.  On Halloween, Cassie had a 103 temperature and Marcus was at 100.   Grandpa volunteered to watch them so we could still take Wesley.  I drugged them and gave them nausea medicine, so there was no puking for grandpa.

Wesley had an awesome time walking up and down two streets, then we stayed for another hour to help hand out candy.  The Lutes' had candy, we brought candy, and the church ended up providing candy - lots of candy - like a 10 lb sized box and 5 lb box of pollyfil  full of candy.  (Sorry for the sewing reference, but that is all I have.)  We are talking two handfuls of candy each with cards to hand out to the parents.  You should have seen the faces on the kids!

As a side note, Marcus has attached to a stuffed animal, the squirrel I made him - No.  :(   He loves wolves and dogs.  Like when the dalmatians come on the Disney channel for their 20 second in between show music number about washing your paws he stops what he is doing and watches.  He LOVES is wolf from Great Wolf Lodge.  (Which washes very well - thank goodness.)  So with  Cassie's awesome little red riding hood dress that you have seen here many times, and Marcus' love of wolves, their costumes were obvious.   I made Cassie a fully lined long red cape with hood with an old gold button from my grandpa Northrup's old dress uniform.  For Marcus,  I wanted something he could wear again.  So I patterned tested a romper Jon Jon from The Cottage Mama to see if this is something I want to make for the business.  It is adorable.  I love how the pant cuff can be rolled up to show the lining and that way it fits multiple heights.   I made it out of clearance grey corduroy I found at Joann's.  Grey is hot right now, and I found it in the clearance section - Score!  Although they did not get to wear their costumes, they will get to wear them. Cassie's cape will be great for winter and Christmas, and Marcus has his awesome grey romper.   Happy Halloween everyone!

The Lutes  :)