Monday, January 20, 2014

Papa Smerk Visits, Thanksgiving, Christmas Prep, and Icemagedon

Papa Smerk and Cassie in victory lane at TX Motor Speedway.

Happy Marc

During our tour, we went through the stands and looked down onto the track (which we did a few laps in spite of the weather).

The final part of our tour was on of the luxury boxes that overlook the track.  Cassie had no fear in sitting against the window.

We watched the Dallas Stars take on the Mighty Ducks.  Dallas scored three goals in 53 seconds-the fastest we have in person.  Dallas would go on to win 6 to 3 and cap off Grandpa's first hockey game!

The Stars going through the star.
Wes and Cas make custom place mats for everyone during Thanksgiving.  Papa Smerk supervised the production methods.

Great Grandma G with Marcus & Wolfie.

After the meal, the family participated in the yearly football game.  This time Cassie assisted in hiking the ball and Marcus ran around to stretch his legs.  Do you see him?

Wesley trying to stop a pass.

Larry looking for someone to be open.

"Is it pie time"?

Wesley, Cassie, Grandpa, and daddy decorated the tree. 

To cap the trip off, we took Grandpa down to the stockyards.

Wesley posing

Cassie posing

Stockyards cattle drive.  We saw authentic cowboys and cowgirls herd the cattle through the street.  Everything was authentic down to their smartphones.

Oh no, they are locked up!

Working together to navigate the maze.

They are in there...somewhere...I hope.

Christmas time in Cow-town.

Wesley and Cassie going down one of this Christmas gifts...with ice and snow on it.

There is a Cassie under all the winter gear.

Wesley making ice angles

It took several days to clear the 2.5 inch thick ice.

The ice was so thick, we were able to play hockey in our side yard.  We slide around when we should have been clearing the drive way.  Sorry Mary, we have our prioritizes.

As always the Dallas Stars (Wesley) beat the Pittsburgh Penguins (daddy).

The annual Christmas tradition of setting up the train and running it under the tree has been placed on hold for the second year due to toddlers.  Last year was Cassie and this year Marc.  Funny thing Marc stayed away from the train but Wesley on the other hand...

Peek a boo.

Sr. Conductor Grandpa made sure Wesley was following the polices and procedures for train operation.

After a hard day, we needed to rest.