Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin carving.

Wesley helping cleaning out the pumpkin.

One of the pumpkins. This one took about 2 minutes to carve with a power tool.

Wesley's new "I'm mad" face. He does it on command.

Bean Bag Throw with Grandpa.

Fetching a bean bag.

Costume Contest! Wesley's age group was for 0-5 years. They had to walk down the catwalk and judging was based on part costume and part attitude. Wesley was the first to go on stage. He walked to the end, did a little jump to stop himself and when prompted said "Ta Da" raising his arms. We work on Ta das every week at gym class. Grandma was a judge but excused herself from this age group. She said there was no contest, Wesley got first place hands down!
Wesley's winnings.
Family Picture.