Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Maryland Visit

We arrived in Maryland on Thursday night with a quick stop in Little Rock. Wesley did fine on the plane, he even slept for part of the trip. The hardest part was getting all of our luggage (Play yard, 2 suitcases, 2 personal carry bags, booster food chair, stroller and car seat with base) from the car to baggage check. We managed to load up the stroller and carry the baby.

On Friday morning we hung around playing with the new ball popper (thanks Jimmy and Rachel) waiting for Larry's parents to join us. After lunch, the boys went to Jimmy's house to hang some drywall and I visited with Rachel and Angie, Jeremy's girlfriend.

For dinner we met up with Taryn who drove down from Ithica, Leah, Tricia and Kathy at Waggs. Waggs is so much better now that Frederick is non smoking. After dinner, we cruised Market St and surprised Carter who was sitting in the window at Brewers. Afterward, we rocked Rock Band then tried to put Wesley down.
Saturday morning we slowly got ready and waited for Taryn to pick up Wes and me to play in the afternoon. Larry and the boys continued to work on Jimmy's house demolishing the bathroom. They threw the sink and toilette out the 2nd story window and took turns attacking them with a sledge hammer.

At Leah's house McKenna greeted Wesley with lots of wet kisses, then Taryn, Leah, Carter, Wes and I headed down to the Simthsonian Natural History Museum in DC.

Wesley's first trip on the Metro.

Someone (me) forgot to lock the stroller and when the metro took off Wesley rolled a little and he grabbed on to the bar.

Wesley and me with the Washington Monument in the background.

Once inside we found the gift shop and bought a battery for my camera that died on the way down, and also found a green dinosaur as a souvenir. Wesley loved looking at the big dinosaur bones. We then headed over to the mammals section and looked at the stuffed animals (literally). There were lots of people in the museum so we left and ended up walking through a sculpture garden on the long way back to the Metro.

Leah tring to bite Wesley.
Carter and Wesley looking at a seal.

Taryn and Wesley with the Washington Monument in the background.

Wesley and me with the Capital in the background.

After dinner at Fridays, we went back to Jimmy's and then rocked Guitar Hero. Wesley joined in on the drums and wanted to play the guitar.

We had a lovely visit and were sad that it was far too short and that Wesley's grandparents were not able to see him.

Saturday, February 14, 2009