Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Memphis Here We Come!

We canceled our trip to MD for our [cough] 10 year college reunion so Larry could visit his aunt in Ohio.  Sadly, she passed away just before his scheduled trip.  We then started to think about a long weekend trip that was within 1 easy days drive.  Austin, San Antonio, the beach, even Lawton was on the list, but nothing was reaching out and grabbing us.  

In June, we took a normal outing to our Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and the temporary exhibit was Elvis at 21 photographs by Alfred Wertheimer.  Wesley got to experience Elvis and from then on we constantly watched you tube videos of Elvis.  How far away is Memphis from Springtown?  Not quite an easy days drive, but 1 days drive nonetheless....Graceland here we come.

Here are the rest of the pictures in order of our visit:
Friday we drove from Hope, Arkansas, the birth place of President Clinton, to Memphis.  Our first stop was Sun Studio where lots of famous people recorded their first records.  We got to step inside to the soda fountain and gift shop.  No tours for under 5 years, so maybe next time.  At least we knew this ahead of time and planned accordingly.

Smile Cassie.  This is how she smiles.

 Next stop, the Peabody hotel.  If you have young kids, this is a neat stop to watch the ducks parade through the lobby. 

The bathroom at Huey's Restaurant.

Walking to Beale street

Beale street

Elvis statue on Beale street

Wesley looking at the Elvis statue

Beale street
 Saturday morning we headed over to Graceland! 

Fabric!  on the walls and ceiling.  Folds and folds of fabric!

Jungle room with green shag carpet on the floor some of the walls and ceiling.

Love this picture

One of Wesley's favorite songs,  In the Ghetto.

Wedding clothes with a paisley tux.

Looking at the grave marker

Gold plated seat belts

Smile Cassie

 Back at the hotel

Mississippi Bridge


 Overall it was a great very short trip!