Saturday, May 9, 2015

Disney 2014 - Hollywood Studios - Jedi Training

The Jedi Training was AWESOME!!! If you have any desire to do it, it is worth the time. My photos are in order, then the Disney Photopass photos are after mine, they are NOT in order. First they went over rules, then they went on the stage for training. They learned how to eject the lightsaber, and routine for how to fight. Then Darth Vader came on stage and each kid got to fight him one at a time. After Wesley's duel with Darth Vader, he was chosen, without us knowing, to be the one kid to do an extra force push on the two storm troopers. So Cool.  I think it was his shirt and pants that I sewed for him, that made him stand out in the crowd. 

Favorite Photo!!!

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